Pliant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pliant

easily manipulated or controlled by people

Examples of Pliant in a sentence

When the slaves were not pliant, their owners would punish them.  🔊

The bossy man wanted a pliant wife who would obey his every command.  🔊

As soon as the captors tried to get information from the soldier, they realized he was not a pliant man who would betray his country.  🔊

The dog was far from pliant and never obeyed his owner’s commands.  🔊

Because Jason is too pliant, he often loans money to people who will never repay him.  🔊

When George refused to be pliant and follow instructions, he earned a reprimand from his commanding officer.  🔊

To the con artist, the perfect target is an individual who is pliant enough to be easily led.  🔊

People often take advantage of my mentally challenged brother because he is so pliant.  🔊

Since Leslie is pliant and easily distracted, she was not accepted into the company’s leadership program.  🔊

The pliant little girl traded her paper money for her older brother’s coins.  🔊

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