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Definition of Plight

a dire or unfortunate situation

Examples of Plight in a sentence

Because he was homeless and penniless, Jason’s plight was a miserable one. 🔊

Most wealthy people are unaware of the plight suffered by people who are hungry and homeless. 🔊

After losing her home in a hurricane, Elizabeth shared her plight with a news reporter. 🔊

The peasants felt they had no choice but to stage an uprising when the king turned a deaf ear on their plight. 🔊

While the plight of homeless adults is commonly seen in newspapers and in magazines, many people forget there are homeless children too. 🔊

The economic plight of farmers in America is a dismal one which has caused many of them to lose their homes. 🔊

Since I was tormented in high school by a bunch of mean girls, I am very sensitive to the plight of bullied young people. 🔊

No one doubted that the refugee’s plight caused him to flee the country from which he had been tortured on a daily basis. 🔊

When word spread of the company’s financial plight, many of the investors pulled out their funds. 🔊

Although the police had no news on the plight of the missing children, they started to become concerned as the temperature dropped. 🔊

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