Adulation in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Adulation

great praise for someone, often more than what is deserved

Examples of Adulation in a sentence

Although Jason was a famous celebrity, he was very uncomfortable with the adulation from his fans. 🔊

It is obvious that most of the billionaire’s adulation comes from people who are simply after his money.  🔊

When the popular singer decided she could only walk on rose petals, everyone knew she had started to let the adulation of her fans gets to her. 🔊

Fans of the latest vampire book trilogy show a lot of adulation to the books’ writer.  🔊

Because the adulation of his young fans often got out of hand, the heartthrob was unable to leave his hotel without a security team.  🔊

The adulation and applause from the crowd made the former president smile.  🔊

After going unnoticed for several years, the model finally graced a magazine cover and became a source of adulation for every man on the planet.  🔊

My grandmother was a very religious woman who saved her greatest adulation for God.  🔊

When Bill made the game winning shot, his teammates showered him with adulation.  🔊

Even when the religious leader left the church, the clergy members continued to offer him adulation in their prayers.  🔊

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