Mitigate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Mitigate

make less severe or painful

Examples of Mitigate in a sentence

The doctor gave me a prescription to mitigate the pain. 🔊

When I was a kid, my mother’s voice used to always mitigate my stomach ache.  🔊

The United Nations will try and mitigate the crisis between the two countries. 🔊

Because people are concerned about their safety on the internet, many social media sites have enacted policies to mitigate privacy concerns.  🔊

The government hopes the tax break will mitigate unemployment by allowing big companies to hire more people.  🔊

To mitigate your dry skin condition, you should use a quality moisturizer at least three times a day.  🔊

Because the police force has done very little to mitigate crime in our neighborhood, it is not safe to go out after dark.  🔊

The counselor helped my mother mitigate the pain of my father’s death.  🔊

Even though I took medicine to mitigate the pain of the migraine, I still feel miserable.  🔊

To mitigate the bad publicity, the product manufacturer offered a full refund to anyone who bought the faulty item.  🔊

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