Ponderous in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Ponderous

very boring or dull

Examples of Ponderous in a sentence

1. The students grew silent when they realized they would have to sit through a ponderous three-hour lecture. 🔉

2. Because I like creative articles, I find reading a newspaper to be a ponderous task. 🔉

3. John quickly fell asleep during the ponderous movie. 🔉

4. If you are going to one of Barney’s ponderous parties, you should be prepared to be bored all night long. 🔉

5. Presentations should be exciting and engaging not ponderous. 🔉

6. As a writer, you should try hard to avoid writing ponderous passages that will not hold your readers’ attention. 🔉

7. The president’s speech was so ponderous I changed the channel two minutes into it. 🔉

8. According to the fashion critics, the designer’s new collection is ponderous and unimaginative. 🔉

9. I wish we could vote at home because standing in line on Election Day is so ponderous! 🔉

10. Going to one of Maggie’s ponderous events is as exciting as watching paint dry. 🔉

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