Trite in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trite

unoriginal and lacking in importance

Examples of Trite in a sentence

I did not finish the novel because the story’s plot was trite and uninspiring. 🔊

At parties, I tend to avoid trite conversations because they are dull and do not reveal any new information. 🔊

The senator’s response to the unemployment question was trite and unconvincing. 🔊

Will you stop using those trite clichés? 🔊

When the comedian finished his trite performance, most of the audience was yawning. 🔊

The salesman’s use of trite sayings made me suspicious of his motives. 🔊

Since the play is trite and unoriginal, I cannot imagine many people will go to see it. 🔊

The so-called ladies’ man often used trite phrases to flirt with women. 🔊

Although the movie concept was unique, the character dialogue was trite and ruined the picture. 🔊

My pastor’s trite sermons are so boring that church attendance is starting to decrease. 🔊

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