Ennui in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ennui

boredom arising from a lack of interest or activity

Examples of Ennui in a sentence

Ennui crept up in the heart of the lonely child who had nothing better to do than to take a nap. 🔊

The course was once full of ennui, but the professor later spiced up our lectures with engaging classroom discussion. 🔊

Despite his ennui, Kurt was able to push past his boredom and finish his homework. 🔊

The uninterested students were filled with a sense of ennui when listening to the boring lecture. 🔊

Listening to your dull story about becoming a librarian is leaving me in a state of ennui. 🔊

After many hours in a deadlock, the bored jurors felt a sense of ennui and dissatisfaction. 🔊

Change to a more exciting career if you have an ennui for working at your current job. 🔊

Let us escape from the ennui of sitting around the house and go to the beach for a change. 🔊

Mental ennui took over the minds of the weary prisoners suffering from solitary boredom. 🔊

If I spend another weekend alone with nothing to do, I am going to die of ennui! 🔊

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