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Definition of Postbellum

occurring or existing after a war

Examples of Postbellum in a sentence

While the term ‘postbellum’ can refer to a period of time after any war, it is usually used to refer to the events that occurred after the American Civil War. 🔊

The postbellum events following World War Two included a great deal of negotiating between the victors in regards to who would get what spoils and how order would be maintained in Europe. 🔊

The Reconstruction Period was the postbellum events that followed the American Civil War, in which the country began to heal from its self-inflicted wounds and look to the future of the nation. 🔊

The true formation of the United States as a sovereign entity was a postbellum occurrence, taking place only after they had emerged victorious in their Revolution.  🔊

The most common postbellum events following any war includes recovering from the massive use of resources and loss of lives.  🔊

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