Precursor in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Precursor

something that happens before something else

Examples of Precursor in a sentence

1. As I looked up in the sky, I saw a large dark cloud, a precursor of an upcoming storm. 🔉

2. After watching my nephew for a while, I can easily recognize his moodiness as a precursor to naptime.  🔉

3. A movie preview is a standard precursor before the presentation of a feature film. 🔉

4. My itching is the precursor of the severe allergic reaction I will soon experience. 🔉

5. All too often, high blood pressure is a precursor of heart disease. 🔉

6. Obtaining an undergraduate degree is a definite precursor to going to graduate school. 🔉

7. If these tasty appetizers are a precursor to a delicious main course, I know I will be eating well tonight. 🔉

8. Before the twenty-screen cinema was built in our town, all we had was its precursor, a tiny two-screen theater. 🔉

9. An oil shortage is always a precursor to an increase in gas prices. 🔉

10. Without a precursor chemical reaction, the molecules will not combine to form water. 🔉

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