Preoccupied in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Preoccupied

to become obsessed or completely concerned with something

Examples of Preoccupied in a sentence

Following the doctor informing the patient about his terminal illness, the patient’s mind was always preoccupied with the thoughts of his impending death. 🔊

While preparing for her upcoming wedding, Sally’s work suffered at her office job since she was preoccupied with the thoughts of her wedding. 🔊

Anyone who has been on a diet will spend their time in between meals being preoccupied with the thoughts of eating desserts. 🔊

Since the mother was preoccupied with her child’s dangerous illness for the past two weeks, she missed many planned activities during that time.  🔊

Many greedy people spend so much of their time being preoccupied with money that they forget about the really great things in life.  🔊

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