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Definition of Privation

the state of being very poor, and lacking the basic necessities of life

Examples of Privation in a sentence

Although she was born into poverty, Samantha vowed that she would work hard to escape the life of privation she had suffered in her childhood.  🔊

My grandparents described the Great Depression as a time of privation where there were no luxuries, but plenty of love.  🔊

Written records of early explorers indicate that the native people faced a great deal of hard times and privation where they had to eat insects and other unspeakable items just to stay alive.  🔊

While off-shore oil rig jobs have a reputation of offering a life of privation in exchange for a comfortable salary, the truth is that many companies now provide very comfortable accommodations and amenities to keep their workers happy and productive.  🔊

After being a meat and potatoes man for all of his life, Gene absolutely refused to embrace the privation of a vegan diet.  🔊

Because Louis doesn’t have the mental fortitude to make it through a weekend without television, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to handle the privation of training to be a Navy SEAL.  🔊

Birgit refused to let the privation of being homeless affect her quality of education, and no one was surprised when she was named valedictorian of her graduating class.  🔊

After the privation of giving up sweets for Lent, Nellie took extreme pleasure in diving into a double banana split for breakfast the day after Easter.  🔊

Even though they were desperate to find a way to control Robert’s delinquent behavior, his parents weren’t sure if they wanted to subject him to the privation of boot camp.  🔊

Many refugees find themselves living a life of privation when they first come to their new country, but they all say it’s preferable to the dangers they faced in their own land.  🔊

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