Prostrate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Prostrate

in a flat position where a person’s face is turned downward

Examples of Prostrate in a sentence

When Jill discovered her husband had left her, she fell prostrate on the couch and buried her face against the cushions. 🔊

The monk’s prostrate form was clearly visible as he bowed before the statue in the temple. 🔊

While Kevin was stranded at the airport, he reclined on the floor in a prostrate manner so no one could see his face. 🔊

Prostrate on the ground, a wounded Frank tried to crawl away from his attackers. 🔊

As soon as I entered the exam room, the chiropractor’s assistant asked me to stretch out in a prostrate position on the bench. 🔊

Kelly’s snow angel did not come out well because she laid prostrate on the ground instead of on her back. 🔊

As the dean walked into the backyard of the fraternity house, he saw naked boys sleeping in prostrate positions with their butts in the air. 🔊

The medical test requires me to lie prostrate on the exam table with my nose pressed in the middle of the pillow. 🔊

After the police officer turned over the prostrate body, he realized he had discovered the missing teenager. 🔊

As the queen walks past you, remember to bend and assume a prostrate position with your eyes to the ground. 🔊

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