Expurgate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Expurgate

to edit out rude, incorrect, offensive, useless, or otherwise undesirable information; to purge

Examples of Expurgate in a sentence

The rapper was told that if he did not expurgate the offensive lyrics from his new song, it would never be played on the radio.  🔊

Although Noah tried very hard to expurgate thoughts of Anna from his mind after the breakup, he still saw her face everywhere.  🔊

Even though Wikipedia can be a helpful resource, the interactive ability allows anyone to add information that may be inaccurate or expurgate accurate information just because they’re offended by it.  🔊

When she discovered that her brother had found her diary, she decided to expurgate some of the juicier parts by tearing out the pages.  🔊

The producer agreed to expurgate some of the R-rated scenes so that the movie could be shown on network television.  🔊

Some parents have demanded that the author remove some of the objectionable language, but similar efforts to expurgate Huckleberry Finn and other great works have resulted in much less effective literature.  🔊

Because the author’s novels were widely read by middle schoolers, she received a number of requests to write a different version and expurgate all references to Satanism.  🔊

According to historical records, there was a lot of disagreement among the founding fathers over whether or not to expurgate the passages referring to slavery from the Constitution.  🔊

While some people believe that some content in Shakespeare’s works is inappropriate for younger readers, they wouldn’t understand it anyway, so why expurgate it?  🔊

It seems to me that it is immoral to try to expurgate anything from the sacred writings of the past, but there are even some versions of the Bible that have been edited by misguided fanatics.  🔊

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