Protuberance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Protuberance

something that protrudes or sticks out from something else

Examples of Protuberance in a sentence

A hairy protuberance from the woman’s nose stuck out just enough to make the neighborhood children think she was a witch.  🔊

The bony protuberance coming out from the child’s finger was said to be an extra digit by delivery doctors.  🔊

An odd protuberance jetted out from the woman’s elbow overnight, leaving her to question what the lump might be.  🔊

After he was hit with the baseball, a protuberance that looked like a round knot attached itself to the boy’s knee.  🔊

Protruding from the turkey’s neck is a fleshy protuberance known as a snood.  🔊

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