Profuse in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Profuse

in a large amount; abundant

Examples of Profuse in a sentence

Jonathan has gained so much weight that even his doctor is concerned about his profuse growth.  🔊

When Edgar writes his stories, he includes a profuse amount of imagery so his readers can create visions of his tales.  🔊

Last year, my garden was so profuse with vegetation that I had to give away food.  🔊

If you want to go fishing, go to Cherry Lake because the fish are profuse there.  🔊

Profuse sweating is often a sign of a high fever.  🔊

Even though Betsy made profuse apologies to her husband, he still refused to reconsider the divorce.  🔊

My large dog has a profuse appetite and consumes a huge bag of food in less than two weeks.  🔊

Since James tries to avoid the spotlight, he was taken back by the profuse praise he received as the school essay winner.  🔊

Although Greg lost a profuse amount of blood, he is still expected to make a full recovery.  🔊

Because Ellen is a generous person, she is going to make a profuse donation to her favorite charity.  🔊

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