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Even though James had travelled all over the world, he still wore clothing which was quite provincial and outdated. 🔊

Because I grew up in an orphanage run by nuns, I have a very provincial outlook on life and tend to prefer the simple things.  🔊

In many romantic-comedy movies, the heroine dreams of leaving her provincial life to find her Prince Charming in the big city. 🔊

Since my cousin lives in a trailer on a dirt road, many people consider her to be provincial.  🔊

Because of her age, my 92-year-old grandmother has the provincial idea that women should not work.  🔊

Although I do not dress in the height of fashion, I do not consider my style to be provincial.  🔊

In his novel, the author contrasted two characters - one provincial man from a mountain region and the other, a stock broker in a large city.  🔊

In my opinion, anyone who does not have access to the theater lacks classiness and is provincial.  🔊

After growing up in a provincial environment in the country, Henrietta sought out a more sophisticated life in the city.  🔊

Our pastor is a very provincial man who frowns upon anything which is not along the simple lines of the church.  🔊

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