Primeval in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Primeval

extremely primitive or old

Examples of Primeval in a sentence

The archaeologist found several primeval dinosaur bones in the canyon.  🔊

In the movie, a team of researchers search for a primeval pyramid that was supposedly built before the continents separated.  🔊

No one in the primeval tribe had ever heard of electricity.  🔊

During the dig, I found a primeval arrowhead from the nineteenth century.  🔊

The cavemen used primeval tools to defend themselves from wild creatures.  🔊

Today, the desktops of the 1990s are considered primeval when compared to modern laptops.  🔊

The geologist was thrilled when he found a primeval stone from the prehistoric age.  🔊

According to historians, the primeval burial ground is the final resting place of a number of Indian warriors.  🔊

Scientists estimate the primeval trees found in the ocean are over fifty thousand years old.  🔊

On our camping trip, we felt like primeval people as we cooked over the campfire.  🔊

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