Publicity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Publicity

public attention, or something that is within the public eye

Examples of Publicity in a sentence

If you want more publicity as an author, you will need to work with good publishers to get your name out there for everyone to see.  🔊

Many celebrities act like they don’t want any publicity, but they often stop for pictures or questions from the paparazzi so their fans can know what they’re up to.  🔊

The FBI had a major international incident last year, but they did such a good job covering it up to avoid publicity that no one knows what happened specifically.  🔊

You can gain publicity in school by being a school bully that everyone’s afraid of, but it’s much better to gain publicity because you’re the nicest kid in school and everyone likes you.  🔊

The reason Presidential candidates go on campaigns during the election is to gain publicity, letting the people of the country know what they are supposedly trying to be President to do.  🔊

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