Monologue in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Monologue

a drawn-out speech by a single person that controls a conversation

Examples of Monologue in a sentence

Before Ellen greets guests on her show, she always welcomes the audience with a humorous monologue.  🔊

Most of the playwright’s works began with a monologue that described what would take place during the play.  🔊

Once Sue finished her lengthy monologue, I was able to express my opinion.  🔊

Jason did not realize he was being recorded when he lashed out at his son with a ten-minute monologue about obesity.  🔊

In our literature course, each student is asked to recite a four-minute monologue as one of his or her favorite characters from a classic novel.  🔊

The comedian’s monologue to the audience included several jokes about our nation’s president.  🔊

During her sentencing hearing, the convicted felon issued a monologue in which she continued to proclaim her innocence.  🔊

Listening to the actor’s monologue about his deceased mother brought us all to tears.  🔊

I was asked to perform a dramatic monologue during my audition.  🔊

At the beginning of the Saturday night comedy show, the guest star always performs an opening monologue.  🔊

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