Readiness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Readiness

the act of being prepared and equipped

Examples of Readiness in a sentence

The future college student’s readiness to attend college could be seen since she had already paid all of the tuition and packed her bags.  🔊

After the depressed woman was tired of being ridiculed by her boss on a daily basis, her readiness to change jobs was apparent by her resume submissions to many local companies.  🔊

Family members noticed Sally’s readiness to adopt children by remodeling a room in her house for a nursey and buying baby clothes and toys.  🔊

Even though the young child was prepared for surgery by the nurses, her confidence and lack of tears revealed her readiness for the procedure.  🔊

Since Sarah’s daughter had been in an educational preschool class for the past two years, she felt her daughter’s readiness for kindergarten would be noticed by the new teacher.  🔊

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