Precocious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Precocious

having mature qualities at an unusually early age

Examples of Precocious in a sentence

My precocious little girl thinks she knows everything there is to know about life.  🔊

Although Jack is smart, he is a bit too precocious at six years of age.  🔊

I was a precocious child who at the age of four was already discussing the daily news with my parents.  🔊

While their peers were running around the playground, one precocious group of elementary school students sat and chatted about the colleges they hoped to attend.  🔊

Because Jackson was eight years old, his precocious comments about the president surprised everyone.  🔊

The music teacher was surprised to see the precocious toddler correctly playing the violin.  🔊

The precocious high school athlete played basketball like he was a paid professional.  🔊

Even though Ann was only ten, she was quite precocious and had a strong interest in the opposite sex.  🔊

At only five years of age, the precocious pianist brought the entire audience to its feet.  🔊

Every teacher has a precocious student who always asks some really difficult questions.  🔊

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