Vexation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vexation

the condition of being agitated

Examples of Vexation in a sentence

In vexation, I watched the neighbor’s dog poop in my yard. 🔊

Bill could not hide his vexation when his wife stayed out all night. 🔊

When the driver hit my car and rode away, there were no words for my vexation. 🔊

The director experienced a great deal of vexation when the leading actress did not appear on set. 🔊

As Jeff chaperoned his daughter’s birthday party, he noted with vexation that his baby girl had developed an interest in boys. 🔊

My son’s inability to do his chores causes me a great deal of vexation. 🔊

In vexation, Kim called the hotel front desk to complain about the broken shower. 🔊

To avoid the vexation caused by traffic, I normally leave work really early. 🔊

As a waitress, Gail must often hide her vexation with annoying customers. 🔊

Lars felt a sense of vexation when the person in front of him purchased the last of his favorite cakes. 🔊

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