Rebuff in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rebuff

to turn down or refuse

Examples of Rebuff in a sentence

Since your offer does not benefit me, I will have to rebuff it and walk away empty-handed. 🔊

The pretty woman’s rebuff was so kind that Jared did not feel bad when she turned down his offer to dance. 🔊

Because the position does not pay well, Kelly decided to rebuff her supervisor’s offer of a promotion. 🔊

The unattractive girl was shocked when the star of the football team did not rebuff her invitation to the dance. 🔊

Does anybody understand why the poor woman chose to rebuff her million-dollar inheritance? 🔊

When my wife is angry with me, she will rebuff my attempts to get back in her favor. 🔊

Since Alice is married to Jeff, she is going to rebuff Bill’s lunch invitation. 🔊

Unfortunately I have to rebuff your expensive gift because we hardly know each other. 🔊

The parole board will rebuff the violent killer’s plea for an early release. 🔊

As soon as the homeowners heard the low bid on their property, they immediately decided to rebuff the offer. 🔊

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