Reconnoiter in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Reconnoiter

to survey a place or situation for planning purposes

Examples of Reconnoiter in a sentence

Before the event, we will reconnoiter the venue so we can design the evening’s seating arrangements.  🔊

The thief opened a bank account so he would have an opportunity to reconnoiter the bank’s security.  🔊

Because Jane wanted the perfect wedding, she decided to reconnoiter several wedding chapels before making a final decision.  🔊

Hank will reconnoiter numerous acres of land to ensure he is choosing the best property for his family home.  🔊

Before the championship game, the players will watch hours of video to reconnoiter the opposing team’s strategies.  🔊

A team of highly trained police officers will reconnoiter the house before the raid.  🔊

To plan a solid defense, we must reconnoiter our enemy’s movements.  🔊

Today, the location scout will reconnoiter the city park to see if it is suitable for the movie’s wedding scene.  🔊

Unfortunately computer technology has made it very easy for thieves to reconnoiter the homes of the rich and famous.  🔊

The scout’s job was to reconnoiter the ten-mile stretch of road ahead of the nightly camp.  🔊

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