Renegade in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Renegade

someone who leaves one group and joins another with different goals or beliefs

Examples of Renegade in a sentence

The renegade soldiers decided to leave the base and go back home to their families. 🔊

Although I do not consider myself to be a renegade, I do not mind going out on my own either. 🔊

A few renegade members of our church have decided to start their own ministry. 🔊

When Clara learned her law firm was trying to hide important evidence, she became a renegade and joined the opposing legal team. 🔊

Robert was a renegade writer who ignored traditional writing styles and created his own technique. 🔊

In the movie, the hero was a renegade who refused to believe he was inferior simply because of the color of his race. 🔊

Once considered a renegade troublemaker, Martin eventually became a well-known civil rights leader. 🔊

In order to be a renegade, you have to be prepared to walk alone and follow your own path. 🔊

Because she was upset about not getting a promotion, Lorelei became a renegade worker and sold company secrets. 🔊

The renegade fashion designer decided to create a fashion line which was completely different from anything ever launched on the runway. 🔊

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