Inscrutable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inscrutable

incapable of being investigated or understood

Examples of Inscrutable in a sentence

When Larry wrote the letter, he was so tired the writing was nearly inscrutable.  🔊

Not even the leading experts in criminology could understand the killer’s inscrutable motives.  🔊

In situations where evidence is lacking, some murder cases remain inscrutable forever.  🔊

Because my father normally had an inscrutable look on his face, I rarely knew what he was thinking.  🔊

While the veteran football players understood the play, most of the rookies found it inscrutable.  🔊

Since I am not a computer expert, the error message on my screen is inscrutable to me.  🔊

My professor spoke so rapidly that his lectures were inscrutable to everyone in the auditorium.  🔊

Because of the discolored paint, the signature on the painting is inscrutable.  🔊

Although I tried to guess my fate by looking directly at the judge, my effort was futile because his face was inscrutable.  🔊

Not even the billionaire’s closest friends understood his inscrutable habits.  🔊

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