Adversary in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Adversary

one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute

Examples of Adversary in a sentence

I will destroy my adversary during our battle. 🔊

Since as long as I can remember, Caroline has been my evil adversary.  🔊

Sometimes I think my math teacher is my adversary who loves to watch me fail. 🔊

If you don’t believe in yourself, then you are your worst adversary.  🔊

When I grew up, I realized my mother was my best friend and not my adversary.  🔊

The villain is the superhero’s adversary.  🔊

Because the dog sees me as an adversary, he is always chasing me.  🔊

Do you know who your adversary will be in the wrestling match?  🔊

After my adversary and I talked about our problems, we decided we wanted to be friends instead of enemies.  🔊

To win the hand of the princess, the knight must defeat his adversary in battle.  🔊

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