Repeal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Repeal

to cancel

Examples of Repeal in a sentence

With so much negative feedback, the owner had to consider a repeal of his new dress code.  🔊

The Supreme Court has the authority to repeal a law deemed unconstitutional.  🔊

Since his kids did not seem to learn, the father was forced to repeal his unreasonable rule.  🔊

Taking over the company, the new manager’s first act was to repeal many of the outdated policies.  🔊

Though he thought it would be helpful, he was forced to repeal his order due to popular demand.  🔊

Activists are always looking to repeal one law or another.  🔊

The Supreme Court ruled they would have to repeal the new law.  🔊

The new President worked to repeal many of his predecessor’s laws.  🔊

Calling for a repeal of the outdated policy, the citizens were delighted when their leader listened.  🔊

After taking so long to pass the law, he knew no one would ever repeal it.  🔊

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