Eject in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Eject

to force something or someone to depart or exit

Examples of Eject in a sentence

When the unruly patron began to throw things in the restaurant, the manager quickly decided to eject the man onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. 🔊

The referees shall eject the three players from the hockey game due to instigating a fight with the other team. 🔊

Since the teenagers are not wearing seatbelts, the force of the impact caused them to eject out the front windshield sustaining severe injuries. 🔊

Due to the protestor’s disruptive behavior during the board meeting, the board president felt compelled to eject from the meeting in order to maintain peace. 🔊

Before walking to the locker room to change clothes, the basketball player didn’t believe the referee would eject him for a simple infraction. 🔊

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