Resignation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Resignation

retiring or giving up a position / the willingness to accept defeat

Examples of Resignation in a sentence

Since he had made so many successful movies, the director felt it was time to hang up his hat and announce his resignation.  🔊

Surrounded by police officers on all sides, the bank robber lowered his gun as a sign of resignation.  🔊

When asked why he was tendering his resignation, the politician had no explanation to give.  🔊

Wanting to avoid scandal after being accused of embezzlement, the CEO quietly turned in his resignation.  🔊

Realizing he would not be selected, he bowed his head in resignation and returned home.  🔊

With only thirty seconds left in the game and down by two touchdowns, the quarterback shook his head in resignation.  🔊

After failing to improve the team over a period of five years, the coach was forced to tender his resignation.  🔊

After teaching for so many years, the professor was very emotional about tendering his resignation.  🔊

Determined to recover from his mistakes, the bank manager refused to tender his resignation, promising that he would turn things around over the next six months.  🔊

Realizing he could not beat his friend, the boy put down his gaming controller in resignation.  🔊

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