Siege in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Siege

a circumstance in which a group, usually a military or law enforcement agency, surrounds an area or building in an attempt to take it over

Examples of Siege in a sentence

During the siege of the village, the villagers were forced to give up their property.  🔊

Soldiers killed hundreds of people while the town was under siege.  🔊

On Black Friday, it looked as though the department store was under siege by eager customers.  🔊

We felt as though our neighborhood was under siege while law enforcement searched the area for an escaped inmate.  🔊

Because my parents knew their city would soon be under siege by militants, they fled to the safety of the mountains.  🔊

The rebels stocked up on ammunition because they knew their camp would soon be under siege by government troops.  🔊

Once the siege was over, the soldiers placed their flag on top of the tallest building and left town.  🔊

The policemen found themselves under siege when angry protestors surrounded their cruiser.  🔊

With enemies approaching from the left and the right, it was apparent the castle was under siege.  🔊

Jack and Jill felt like they were under siege as snow covered the windows of their home.  🔊

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