Rig in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Rig

to set up or modify something, usually a piece of equipment

Examples of Rig in a sentence

In an attempt to rig a makeshift pair of skates, the young child strapped some buggy wheels to his shoes, though the results were less than stellar. 🔊

The radio was broken, but a talented technician managed to rig it to work with spare parts he found in the workshop. 🔊

It was difficult to rig the car battery to work out in the middle of nowhere, but thankfully someone drove by after an hour or so and he managed to jumpstart our vehicle. 🔊

I decided to rig my paintball gun with a scope, but my brother said paintballs were so inaccurate that such a modification was pointless.  🔊

You can rig a soda bottle to be a rocket if you have Mentos, which will turn the soda itself into a propellant.  🔊

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