Ripen in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ripen

to become or make something ripe

Examples of Ripen in a sentence

Even though fruit will grow on a tree long before it is ready to eat, you must wait for it to ripen before it can be picked and consumed. 🔊

If you want to somewhat accelerate the growth process of fruit, you can have it ripen a little faster by storing them at room temperature for a few days. 🔊

Some pinecones do not fully ripen until their second year of growth, so they stay closed on their trees for a long time. 🔊

Some fruits will ripen faster in certain climates, and this is especially true of citrus, which grows faster in the southern hemisphere. 🔊

If you allow a tomato to ripen on the ground instead of in suspension, they will grow to have an earthy flavor that few people tend to desire. 🔊

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