Significant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Significant

meaningful, noteworthy or important

Examples of Significant in a sentence

Without any significant proof of his involvement, the man was let off with a stern warning. 🔊

The lawyer argued that there was not significant evidence to convict his client. 🔊

The biggest challenge to his debate strategy was the lack of significant support. 🔊

In an effort not to offend any sexual orientation, she invited people to bring their “significant others” rather than their “girlfriends,” or “boyfriends.” 🔊

Though the results were startling, they were not statistically significant, which is why the professor paid them no heed. 🔊

The expert witness played a significant part in the case, demonstrating that the accused could not have caused such damages. 🔊

With a significant amount of complaints, the company was forced to change its stance. 🔊

Without significant financial support, the politician was forced to drop out of the race. 🔊

She was a significant influence on the boy, helping him to grow and become a kind-hearted man. 🔊

The death of his parent’s had a significant impact on his life. 🔊

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