Militant in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Militant

prone to engage in conflict for a belief or cause

Examples of Militant in a sentence

The gang members assumed a militant posture when they saw another gang approaching their turf. 🔊

The militant man was willing to die to protect his religious freedom.  🔊

If attacked by the police, the militant protestors have been told to fight for their lives. 🔊

The anti-abortion militant group is claiming responsibility for the bombing of the doctor’s home.  🔊

Because membership in the militant group is low, the members are trying to recruit people who are willing to fight for their beliefs.  🔊

Since the militant group believes the president is a brutal dictator, it is crafting a plan to remove him from office.  🔊

Although the militant leader of the religious sect claimed to be working for a higher power, he was actually plotting against the government.  🔊

The militant pilots were willing to kill themselves to promote their cause.  🔊

In his younger years, my father was very militant and often participated in activities that challenged the status quo.  🔊

The militant president of the teacher’s union has proposed a nationwide strike until salaries are increased.  🔊

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