Robust in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Robust

strong and healthy

Examples of Robust in a sentence

In order to be a fireman, one needs to be robust because fighting fires is a very difficult job. 🔊

The robust athlete quickly recovered after his knee surgery. 🔊

According to the physicians, both of the boxers are robust men who can easily handle the match. 🔊

The robust lifeguard was able to swim far out into the ocean to save the drowning woman. 🔊

After the war, the president had the job of turning his weakened country into a robust one. 🔊

The skinny boy started a weightlifting program so he could become robust and defend himself against bullies. 🔊

In order to get the charcoal to burn properly, you need to add a robust amount of lighter fluid. 🔊

The robust flavor of garlic is quite noticeable in the spaghetti dish. 🔊

Unfortunately my grandfather is not robust and will more than likely die in a few weeks. 🔊

When the baby was born, he gave a robust cry so everyone would know he was alive. 🔊

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