Holistic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Holistic

focused on the whole aspect of something and not just one of its individual parts

Examples of Holistic in a sentence

The holistic treatment prescribed by my doctor includes herbs and vitamins that will improve the overall functioning of my body. 🔊

Rather than pointing fingers at various departments, we are going to review the store's sales in a holistic manner. 🔊

The trend in juvenile jails is to work with offenders on a holistic level in order to unearth the reasons behind their negative actions. 🔊

Under the project guidelines, the student educators must create a holistic lesson that makes use of all five senses. 🔊

The Native American Indians believed a night in the holistic sweat lodge could destroy both physical and mental illnesses. 🔊

To protect the Earth from pollution, we should create a holistic plan that acknowledges all of the environmental threats to the planet. 🔊

The comprehensive high school provides students with a holistic education that allows them to become well-rounded adults. 🔊

When I went to see the holistic healer, she told me she could cure all of my ills with a spiritual blessing. 🔊

Correcting the flaws of the school system requires a holistic approach to identify the problems facing the students and the staff. 🔊

According to the holistic view of good health, a body will not heal if the mind is injured. 🔊

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