Scar in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Scar

to permanently wound something or leave a permanent mark on it

Examples of Scar in a sentence

The gash I received on my leg during the war will scar me for life, healing but always leaving a mark on my skin.  🔊

If there is one thing that would scar me for years to come, it would be the betrayal of my best friend.  🔊

I wanted to scar a tree with the initials of myself and my girlfriend, so I carved them into the bark with a pocket knife.  🔊

Many injuries heal completely, but a severe cut on the human body is likely to scar the skin for the rest of their life.  🔊

While the surgery was important and saved my grandfather’s life, the process still served to scar his knee for the rest of his life.  🔊

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