Scientific Method in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Scientific Method

a longstanding procedure in science in which one observes something, forms a hypothesis, experiments on their hypothesis, and modifies it according to the result

Examples of Scientific Method in a sentence

The professor described how to use the scientific method to form a hypothesis and then test it out with an experiment. 🔊

When you use the scientific method, you must be ready to modify your hypothesis if your experiment proved the initial one wrong. 🔊

In order to use the scientific method, you must first observe something that you can form a hypothesis about. 🔊

I proved my hypothesis wrong during my experiment, so according to the scientific method I must modify my hypothesis and run another experiment. 🔊

Rarely do you have a hypothesis that is correct the first time in science, hence why you must follow the scientific method and modify it until it can be proven right. 🔊

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