Septuagenarian in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Septuagenarian

a person who is in the seventy to seventy-nine age range

Examples of Septuagenarian in a sentence

As she approached eighty, the septuagenarian wished that she could stay 79 forever.  🔊

Feeling that his seventies were his best years, the septuagenarian couldn’t believe that he had once feared growing old.  🔊

The septuagenarian wanted to start a group so that other seventy-year-olds would have a place to spend time with others their own age.  🔊

Each able-bodied septuagenarian at the elderly home was responsible for leading a meeting with the other seventy somethings once a year.  🔊

At seventy-five years old, the septuagenarian still enjoyed playing bingo once a week at the civic center.  🔊

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