Retroactive in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Retroactive

influencing a previous time

Examples of Retroactive in a sentence

Under the retroactive trafficking proposal, convicted traffickers may receive reduced prison terms. 🔊

Retroactive payments for last year will be included in the current year’s payouts.  🔊

In a retroactive move, the government has decided that all federal employees hired after 2010 are now eligible for tuition repayment. 🔊

The district’s new graduation requirements are not retroactive and will only affect students who enter the school system after this year.  🔊

If the retroactive tax legislation is passed, small businesses will receive a tax refund for overpayments made in previous years.  🔊

The retroactive immigration act will make it easier for immigrants, already in the country, to obtain citizenship.  🔊

Because the new drugs laws cannot be enforced in a retroactive manner, persons sentenced under the old laws will not be required to serve extra prison time.  🔊

Making the law retroactive will allow prison officials to release hundreds of minor offenders while relieving their overcrowding issues.  🔊

The retroactive refund is only available to customers who purchased the item within the past five months.  🔊

Since my pay raise is retroactive as of two months ago, I will be getting a really large check this month.  🔊

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