Solicitude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Solicitude

care or concern

Examples of Solicitude in a sentence

His solicitude was shown by the fact that he brought flowers to her every day. 🔊

A mother is always going to display some solicitude for her children. 🔊

After her boyfriend was in a car accident, she showed her solicitude by visiting until he was out of the hospital. 🔊

He waited with solicitude for the test results, hoping his daughter was not suffering from a serious condition. 🔊

The bartender showed a great deal of solicitude, which helped him to get great tips. 🔊

In an act of solicitude, the church goers banded together to raise money for their injured member. 🔊

The server was able to improve her tips by offering sincere solicitude to all of her customers. 🔊

Gandhi showed great solicitude towards all life on earth. 🔊

Mother Teresa was known for her extraordinary solicitude. 🔊

Young children are not known for their solicitude, often only focused on themselves and their things. 🔊

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