Stagnant in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Stagnant

not moving or increasing

Examples of Stagnant in a sentence

Because John needs more money and his current salary has been stagnant for three years, he is looking for a new job. 🔊

Sometimes when I feel my life is stagnant and not going anywhere, I will talk to my psychologist so I can honestly reflect upon my situation.  🔊

Although the economy appears to be stagnant among the middle classes, it seems as though the rich are getting richer. 🔊

Two days after the storm, the stagnant water puddles are still in my front yard.  🔊

Despite an increasing number of students, the money being allotted for education continues to remain stagnant.  🔊

The store manager is trying to create a marketing gimmick that will increase his store’s stagnant sales.  🔊

Since the legislators are focusing on their battles with each other, progress on the budget proposal has been stagnant.  🔊

On the hottest day of the year the air was stagnant without a breeze in sight.  🔊

As my mother looked at the rising food prices and her empty bank account, she noticed her paycheck had remained stagnant for years.  🔊

No matter how the teacher taught the lesson, the students’ test scores remained stagnant and failing.  🔊

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