Stingy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Stingy

lacking generosity or the capacity to spend money

Examples of Stingy in a sentence

Ebenezer Scrooge valued money more than friendship and because of his stingy habit of hording money and refusing to help those in need, he had no true friends.  🔊

The billionaire businessman kept his millions stashed under his bed, too stingy to spend a single dollar.  🔊

Dragons are notoriously stingy creatures who guard their jewels with fierce flames and kill anyone who threatens to steal from their horde.  🔊

Juliet’s father was so stingy that when he took her out for her graduation dinner, he refused to pay despite the millions in his bank account.  🔊

Rodney stood in shock as his stingy grandfather handed the army veteran a nickel when he knew his grandfather had a wallet full of twenties.  🔊

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