Parsimonious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Parsimonious

the quality of being careful with money or resources

Examples of Parsimonious in a sentence

To save money, the parsimonious old man always bought used clothes.  🔊

My mother is parsimonious and never tips more than five percent.  🔊

Even though I have plenty of money, I tend to be parsimonious with my spending.  🔊

Since my grandmother is on a fixed income, she is parsimonious and clips every coupon she sees.  🔊

Despite his wealth, the parsimonious millionaire refused to give any money to charity.  🔊

My parsimonious employer only pays me minimum wage.  🔊

Parsimonious by nature, my Aunt Ethel gives everyone a single dollar for Christmas.  🔊

My parsimonious neighbor never buys candy to support the local school system.  🔊

Because I have been parsimonious for over twenty years, I am now totally debt free.  🔊

Most rich people remain rich by employing parsimonious habits.  🔊

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