Stitch in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Stitch

to join something together by sewing

Examples of Stitch in a sentence

1. Since my prom dress was too big in the back, I decided to take it to a seamstress who could stitch it up and make it fit. 🔉

2. When Mr. Foster noticed a rip in his pants, he asked his wife to stitch up the rip so he could wear the pants again. 🔉

3. After falling on the frozen pond, the nurse at the emergency room had to stitch up the gash in my leg. 🔉

4. In order to make the garment look more attractive, the fashion designer decided to stitch the seams in a zigzag pattern. 🔉

5. One hundred dollars was rather inexpensive for the quilt because I noticed the quilter chose to stitch it by hand. 🔉

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