Suffocate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Suffocate

to take the life of someone or something by forcing their air intake to be stopped

Examples of Suffocate in a sentence

Plastic bags are dangerous to small children because placing one over their heads could make them suffocate.  🔊

In the house fire many people do not die from being burned, but they suffocate from smoke inhalation.  🔊

When the victim’s face turned blue, it was obvious to the nurse that he did suffocate from the pillow being placed over his face.  🔊

Detective Phillips noticed the marks around the victim’s neck causing him to believe that the man did suffocate by strangulation.  🔊

Warning labels can be seen on many children’s blankets since they could suffocate if the fabric gets trapped around their mouths.  🔊

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