Tackle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tackle

to determinedly attempt to handle a problem or obstacle

Examples of Tackle in a sentence

My mother is the kind of person to tackle any problem with everything she has, regardless of how difficult or troublesome the problem is.  🔊

Rather than run from your problems, you should tackle them with all of your determination and ingenuity.  🔊

The police officer had no choice but to tackle the situation the way he had been trained, and he did his best to evacuate as many civilians as possible during the hostage crisis.  🔊

Even though I have trouble grasping math concepts, I decided to open my textbook at hope and tackle some equations to better my own understanding.  🔊

Rather than be dissuaded by the price of living on my own, I took on two jobs to tackle the expenses as best I could and make my own way.  🔊

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