Toil in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Toil

to work for a long period of time

Examples of Toil in a sentence

You should hire Justin because he is a hard worker who will toil until the job is done. 🔊

Day after day, the slaves had to toil in the hot fields without payment. 🔊

The actress had to toil for many years before becoming a Hollywood star. 🔊

In this country, illegal aliens often toil at jobs for very long hours for little pay. 🔊

The true artist will toil all day for his art and not be upset about failing to earn a salary. 🔊

Because construction workers have to toil in the sun all day, they must drink a lot of water to ensure they do not dehydrate. 🔊

People who toil in fast food kitchens often leave the workplace smelling of cooking oil and food products. 🔊

Because Janice is a single mother of four, she has to toil late in the evenings to earn enough money to buy food and clothing for her entire family. 🔊

My teenage daughter will not toil in the backyard if we do not offer her money for her landscaping labor. 🔊

Do you still expect me to toil at my desk and complete this work even though I feel awful? 🔊

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