Tangible in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Tangible

capable of being touched

Examples of Tangible in a sentence

1. The tension in the air was so thick it was almost tangible. 🔉

2. Because the house is a tangible asset, its value must be listed on your income tax return. 🔉

3. The trial judge was only interested in evidence that was tangible and visible.  🔉

4. Since the police found no tangible signs of entry into the apartment, they knew the robber was someone close to the family. 🔉

5. Although Jack had a good business plan, the bank was unwilling to give him a loan because he lacked tangible assets.  🔉

6. Unlike many people today, I prefer a tangible book made out of paper over an electronic reading tool. 🔉

7. Even though the experiment seemed promising, the tangible rewards were few. 🔉

8. Because she wanted to boast of her tangible wealth, Debbie bought two luxury cars when her husband got a huge promotion at work. 🔉

9. The recently discovered dinosaur bones are a tangible connection to our past. 🔉

10. While love does great things, it is not tangible because one cannot actually hold it. 🔉

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